Sex Kitten: Mesa Madness!

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Slutty McSlut is back in business – now in hentai game known as”Mesa Madness”! Our kitty will be pissed off . And who is gonna deal with all of her anger again? You’re! That means you’ll have to get her more of her favourite magic powder or she will punch you in the face (and even more – that she will tell you about it at the very first conversation scene). So once more you have to go out in town to explore its own locations and meet a ton of creepy and bizarre and other sorts of charactres chracters. Some may have a questions for you and other will give you quests as it is a true huge escapade sport! And as consistently as prize they all will give you these dirty manga porn pictures and may be some pesos. Enjoy pictures and devote pesos to purchase something usefull at local shop.

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