Sleeping Kasumi

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Kasumi might be the princess of dangeorus and ancient ninja clan but when she is sleeping she seems exactly as any other nice female with large tits you would like to touch and play with so much… so to waste this a perfect opportunity afterward? Catch her globes squeez her orbs, pinch her nips when that is something that turns you on but pay attention and try not to wake up her because in that case Kasumi is going to be the one who’s turned on and not in a sexual manner… The language of the game is japanese but since there won’t be too much of a story along with the control strategy is silent instinctive this scarcely should be a problem if you don’t understand it. In case you have finsihed the game but did not get enough of Kasumi then you are welcomed to go to our website where you can locate more henati games and parodies with her along with other hot girls out of”Dead or alive” or some other in demand videogames!

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