Strip hangman 2

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The second area of the flick game is about striptease and logical thinking. Therefore that the rules of the game are quite plain. Your rival is really a big-boobed stunner who will demonstrate you her large tits. However it has to be well-deserved. On the screen you find a set of letters, some of which are encrypted. You also understand the alphabet. Just click on any title and if it is in the word you may see it. If not, the gal may start drawing just a tiny individual. Legs, arms, pecs and head first. You should have enough time to figure the word before the gal attracts the man. In the event you were able to conclude the undertaking, then as a reward you will see a twisted striptease. Following that, the game goes to a fresh game level. So let’s not waste time and commence the joy at this time.

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