Void Club – Call Of Cockhulhu

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Do you listen to the call? The phone for new experiences, new achievments and ofcourse a plenty of of new (well, and also some already known to you) girls to fuck together – in other words the Call of Cockhulhu! In case in case you have a bit confused by such an epic introduction then lets get back into business – that this anime porn parody game is another chapter of quite well-liked series”The Void Phone” where every fresh gig sends you in the new universe and this time it is going to be the mysterious and dangerous universe of Chtulhu… or even Cockhulhu to become more specific. The gampelay remains the same – it is mainly visual novel with fine artworks design and lots of humor and from time to time you may get involved into some minigames which will add just a little bit of variety and challenge to the procedure.

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