Dildo Fishing

Did you ever thought that you can use a faux-cock as bait while fishing. Ofcorus eyou won’t catch any fish but if you can find any mermaids in the lake thne you certainly going to catch something way more exciting! And guess what? In our digital lake there are lots and a lot of memraids who does not mind when afte rthat they’ll get fucked, to get cuaght! The concept of gameplay will be base don simple arcade structure. Each round you must fullfilll certain requirments (generally it is going to be to cathc and fuck some sum of mermaids ahead of the time will run out) until you will get into another one. There’ll be different type sof mermaids and they prefe rdiffernt kind sof hump. Oh, and intercourse scene is also created as clicker minigame so no matter what you know that fishing will be extreme! Play now »