Egg Laying In The Womb 2

Part two of a exciting and creepy 3D flash game you will discover a terrifying and joy tale about subterranean tentacle aliens. So, the youthfull couple returns home in the cafeteria. They stroll down a darkened street. The woman sees a wierd heap of earth. She’s closer and picks up the thick letter. The guy doesn’t have enough time to attempt to something and so the lady vanishes underground. One or 2 of hours afterwards, she excited from sleep throughout a moist cave. Next to greasy eggs. 1 thing is accepting ownership the innards of the cave. Tentacles appear and take her away clothes. So they start fucking her from the cherry blossom. Once some minutes, the woman realizes that there is an abroad object inside her female internal reproductive organ. It is an unknown egg. Currently the lady can serve an brooder for genders. Will she be ready to survive and come back home? Let us find out without delay. Play now »