The christmas blonde Ep. 3

Part three of the interactive on-line game a duo curvy blond. Betty Brickhouse is the chick in each sense of the word – she’s blonde hair, she has big tits, and she is not that sensible. Of these characteristics are given for her by tarts in every hilarious and sexual matters, and that brief animated narrative can tell concerning one of those adventures. This story is completely the third a part of the Christmas-themed series, The first action of that has resumed, and Santa has time for a vacation. Needless to say, he’d most likely pay this vaca within the vivid lightweight within the company of a horny blond chick… and that is wherever Betty comes in! However can this lustful former man wind up as planned at this time? You’ll find out in the event that you teddy the full story. Thus let us start the game. Play now »