Candy Shop – Mochi

“Candy Shop” is a whole collection of flash games crammed with humor and bang-out. Main characters of teh show is a set of scientists consisiting who always trying to make a doable stunner out of oen or another type of dessert. Thsi tiem they will take their chances of”Mochi”. If you don’t know mochi is among the most popular japanese snacks and means”rice cake”. So you already can guess that the result of today’s experiments are sweet and hot looking oriental chick. Now it is the right time to feel yourself just as Andy – most adequate memeber of teh group as well as a primary tester of the treats – and – run thru all the tests! Those evaluations are created as elementary minigames so that you’ll need to play with this game a little bit and not only to witness. And ofcourse do not leave behind to search for oteh repisodes within our site! Play now »