Maria – from nun to slut

Maria is one of several characters that you will meet in large job labeled as”The Legend of Lust” but so as to spend some time with her personally and to provide you with some sort of demonstartion of what sort of fuck-a-thon scenes that you might hope this mingame was made. Here you’ll be fortunate enough not just to end up in Maria’s bedroom but in addition to seduce her, to rip off her clothing and to fuck her like a real tart who was justhiding behind the nun’s bathrobe! Prove her deepest sexual desires and epxlore what sort of kinky things she was dreaming every night when she was staying alone in her couch… and also make this insane cravings to become true ofcourse! Simply use the pair of buttons you will notice on the game screen and exploee what chances every of them will give for you along with Maria! Play now »