Jail Break

This game will test all your monitoring and reaction skills… if you are not planning to depart our primary hero behind the clubs of course! And our hero isn’t really a hero – he’s more like a main character. His name was Hugh and he was arrested for stagging women beach and masturbating! Fantastic fortune him with taht when he will observe the warden… that turned out to become eaxtra big-titted trampy looking chick who can desire about huge black dicks all day long… except for the moment when she’s indeed doing her job. Your task is to produce an run away attempt by beating few degrees where each act has to be carried out in those moments when the warden is not watching. Keep and eye on her attention and move fast… attempt not to get busted after you alreday get broken! And if you win you’ll also fuck that beauty – that is a hentai game after all! Play now »