Mortal Cum Butt

In the world of”Mortal Kombat” there are a good deal of characters whose competition resumes from game to game and one of such always brawling pairs will be Sonia Blade and Kano. These two had anotehr one fight yet unlike most of you good players would wished the bad guy has win and now the lifetime of the blonde is in his forearms! Yet w ementioned that she is hot because of this – truth is known by her enemy as well so instead of puting Sonia’s excellent bod into waste Kano is going to put it into good use. To put it differently, he is going to start Sexuality rather than Fatality! Want to determine just exactly how this sexiness works? Well, this is the reason this parody game was created in a first place – see everything by yourself and enjoy Sonia Blade and Kano having a hard fuck instead of hard fight this time! Play now »