18+ Con-Quest! Poké-con Part 1(Teaser)

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The very first part of a parody themed escapade which really goes by 2 parody manners at exactly precisely the identical time – in first-ever this is going to be a game about pokemon copslay devotees and in second their exquisite costumes will get damaged into the stage which sends this game right on the website where you are playing it at this time. But what’s happened? According to the story the anual pokemon cosplay conventions was designed to become a fine event yet wicked witch has spoiled this soiree by receiving the most alluring cosplayers under her possession and today there’s two proffessional mages – you and your lovely counterpart – would be the people who will need to stand against that witch and also rescue all of the alluring cosplayers regardless of how badly their costumes will likely be damaged in the procedure.

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