Billy’s Quest

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This game will tell you a tale about a young knight named Billy. He was living on a farm when hordes of unusual creatures assaulted the fairyland. Billy took an old rusty sword and protect from the wall and moved to his mom to obtain the very first-ever job. Together with your help, Billy needs to go thru numerous quests and transparent the nation from hordes of monsters. Use your keyboard and mouse to interact with the game. First, go to the tavern to spend the job from the bartender. Should you do it, then you can get fucky-fucky with a local dancer called Vanessa Bree. This graceful beauty loves to fuck at the utter moon. But don’t get dispersed from the main mission to save the fairy kingdom. So let’s not waste time talking, since hordes of creatures happen to be on the doorstep of your village. Take your sword and attack them now.

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