Pussymon: Episode 12

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Are you ready to become humid while huntimg for wild pussymons? Then get ready to sail pirate ship in new sport from”Pussymon” string – Episode 12: Wet Mission! After coaching with Lepllanny (in case you’ve got no idea who this is then you most likely have not played prior vignettes and you really should play them first-ever ) you two leave your area to discover the others. You and Lepllanny locate DOT and DASH (who they are and their names are writtn similar to this? Assess for preceding vignettes !) Walking in the gardens in which DOT told you that Lord Edwin asked your group to satisfy someone at the Pussymon Hunter Society docks place to your next quest… And you will locate all great old gameplay mechanisms with a few improvements and of course you will observe fresh pussymons, new animations, fresh characters, fresh areas to explore and more!

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