Quickie: Toshiko (Public)

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“Quickie” is really a run of viaual novels for all who has not enough time to perform standard visual novels. Here you’ll get not just the fine artwork style but few key points of the story which will permit you to get among possible endings (in the bad one with no manga porn scenes whatsoever to the great one where you will have fucky-fucky with your fresh grilfriend greater than in one place). There won’t be much of themif you might want to match it you will remebr where and which choices you’ve made so you could change your choices and see how it will alter the narrative. Now you are going to meet Toshiko – nice looking chick who seems to have some conversation issues when it comes to interacting with othe rpeople. The simple fact that you just willhelp her to grab he kitty will improve your chances on getting with her.

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