Secrets of Heaven

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3D computer game in which you will have the ability to plunge into the world of fantasy and cravings. Thus, just envision a state of events wherever in the future you come to life and see that a blond woman taking a shower in your mansion. Nicely, which will happen in real world. You find out that neither of you will have the ability to stay in mind exactly what occurred before or you every single terminated more than here. And such a narrative is extra pleasant to visualize only on a laptop screen, and not in point of fact. Particularly once the blonde claims that her name is Heaven, and now she or he could also be some ancient immortal. From presently on, your task would be to visit many places within the town and discuss with many personalities who will discard lightweight on what things utterly happened , and who this blonde immensely is. Does one want to loosen a bit? Then let’s start the game.

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