Sephiria vs Nano-C

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Sports lovemaking flash game with a full-bosomed woman title character character, who has to defeat a horrible monster. This may be a battle inbetween a sexy-looking blonde named Sephyria and several unusual-looking critters with special abilities, that have been in all probability called Nano-C. Use the decent and left arrow buttons to take a look at, and use the up and down arrow buttons to use lower and higher strokes. Each winning style of attack on your facet will be recurrent out of Sephyria, that is obviously, and a winning mix of attacks will even lead her to sexual stimulation. Her gf might get an opportunity to bring her into consummation, and so you will think about yourself the winner in this rare struggle about the hentai theme. There’s no life scale for your own character, so it’ll be troublesome to free yourself throughout this battle. Therefore let us begin the battle instantly.

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