Strip Blackjack with Andie

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Meet Andie. She is quite sexy looking lady that gets tired of her sweet little black sundress and she would gladly get rid off it. And she’ll even let you watch… but only in the event you will amuse her into reteurn by playing undress blackjack card game with her! The principles are elementary and you probably can predict them”old school” as well as”fundamental”. The goal of every round after you’ll make your bets are going to be to get combination of card sin the mitt as close to twenty one points as you can. Getting precisely 21 will signify an instantaneous win while getting over this sum is going to wind up in immediate drop of this round. If you win the round afterward beside sobvious money prize you will also unlock nest photo from Andie’s striptease photoset! Can your abilities be sufficient to unwrap her down totally? Let us find out!

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