Strip Shifumi with Ellie

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This is a very interesting and joy flash game. After drinking a can of beer It’s ideal to igart following a difficult afternoon. Look at the game screen. You find a gorgeous and big-titted doll. Her name is Ellie. She invites you to play the game. It’s called”Stone, scissors, and paper” – a more popular game in the hands, famous in several countries around the globe. The newspaper defeats the rock (“the paper covers the stone” or”the rock submerges, the newspaper does not”). The stone defeats the scissors (“the rock blunts or violates the ribbons”). Scissors beat paper (“scissors cut paper”). Then you are going to win the round, if luck is on your side. After that, Ellie will begin to undress. Your mission is to see Ellie entirely naked and enjoy the way she shows a striptease.

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