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This game is actually a true mash-up created in anime porn parody genre because here you will see some characters in famous TV series”Winx Club” have been visited by characters from other literary universes such as Mario and Scooby-Doo! Besides only shoiwng you a few hentai content together with all those characters this game may actually have any arcade gameplay in it… and if this is not enough for you it can be easily played throughout any Halloween night! The gameplay part this is an arcade stage by which winx fairy Bloom might have to fly through the skies to join among her new friends – Mario or Scooby (you can pick one of them in the very start of the game) – however there will be another older and gross witches who will try to prevent our promiscuous sandy-haired from needing any fun tonight. Evade all of them and you will get exactly what you wished!

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