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Kushina Uzumaki is just one sexy cougar that you could remeber from anime and manga series about the experiences of naruto and his buddies (and to be more exact Kushina Uzumaki is Naruto’s mother). But now you will see her in activity quite distinct form her customary responsibilities of coaching young ninjas or acting secret missions – today she will soon be settling down the furious character of two horny hermaphroditism in the most effective way… which as you have probably imagined form the title alreday will be dual intrusion orgy! Actually this anime porn parody is an animation than a game so you can loosen and simply to love this quite intense action for as lengthy as you want. And after that you are welcomed to visit our site for more Naruto themed anime porn parodies! Play now »

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“Dune” is fairly an epic science fiction book yet even it can be turned into intercative parody that will allow you to meet your beloved characters at equally hilarious and sexy situations. Yet this isn’t all this game has to offer – also here you’ll find the dialog system that will be impacting the relations with the characters you will meet, you’ll need to focus on the political and economical life of the entire world (and this where being familiar with teh original books will beocme fairly useful) and switch them with your decisions however the most significant second – you can discover the way to seduce and fuck some hot sweethearts which principal character has never fucked from the original story! Quite simply make your own way through the wolrd of”Dune” with as much benefits as possible! Play now »

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Tifa Lockhart was caught stealing documents. She had been carried to the living room to interrogate. The secret agent decided to resort to perverted interrogation. He will torment Tifa Lockhart to find the truth out. Inside his arsenal there are many bondage & discipline devices, as well as items for torture. Firsthe has to undress the dame. To do this, click her large mounds. Then comes the period of torture. Use the mouse and other apparatus to compress, crush and twist the big tits of this depraved brown-haired. You can get some breast milk. Acting this way, the broker should learn the details. Should you want to torment your doll afterward enjoy this 3D flash game right now. Play now »

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You will know Samus Aran among the harshest bounty hunters in the world (in case you’ve played any videogames out of”Metroid” series). You also might know Charizard as one of the toughest pokemon (if you have observed anime series”Pokemon”). But what will occur when two raunchy characters will collide on the conflict arena? Well, one of the possible options you will see in this hentai parody right now! Not to spoil you the story more than it was by the very title of this game let us just say that if Samus Aran’s aim was to get fucked by some monster trunk up her arse in pretty hard ways she has succesfully accomplished this mission. Want to understand (and love!) All of the specifics of the operation? Check this manga porn parody and don’t leave behind to see our site for more joy! Play now »

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