Panties Run

Being a passionate collector of lovely women’s undies will make even an old man a genuine parkour and this joy and erotic arcade game can proove this to you since it’s main character will probably be runnning and jumping by the roofs to have a smuch of these beautiful trophies as possible! You a steh playe rwill be controlling his hops – click to perfom a elementary leap and hold down the button to produce a higehr and longer jumps depending on the circumstance. Avoid all of the obstaces and gather all of the bonuses that’ll be on your way because each single time you may acheive certain aim you’ll be reawrded with sexy hentai animation from big-boobed hot redhead (which may remind one of an older anime series”Ranma 1-2″ so this game is some type of anime porn parody in exactly the same time)! Play now »