Dream Job Week 1 Episode 1

This match is the first-ever epsode of”Dream Job” saga so in case you would like to understand where it has started you nicer to start playing! So you are trying to find a job. And you have eventually found you – there’s a handy man desired. The only problem is that handy man is neede at a dolls school dorm! Or may be it is not problem in any way? Let’s find out! First of all you will have acomversation with Miss Trick who’ll tell you about your responsibilities. As this is yourfirst day then today’s task will probably be quite elementary – gather all the laundry and take it to the cleaners. But while you’ll be performing that you might meet few very interesting characters like daughter-in-law of university chancellor such as. Attempt to make the ideal decisions rather than to get kickoud out from this job on your first day! Play now »