Teenage Pillow Fighter

In this game you will finally get your chance to sneak into the bedroom of hot looking lady while one of her gfs is visiting her for a sleepover nighttime. And what they will be doing at thehour? Having a pillow fight ofcourse! And because you will see there’ll bemany pillows that this battle will quickly turn into utter scale arcade game! The main task is easy – you need to hit the decent pillows at the decent moment to make them fly into your enemy and bring you some points while hurting her pride at the same time. Yet it may sound eays but in the mayham that will be happening in a teenage girls bedroom it is quite effortless to become lost and even to hurt yourself! Yet in the event that you will manage to decrease the gratification of your girlefriend into the zero point then her spot will be taken by anoher (and very likely even more sexy looking) gal! Just don’t leave behind to spend your points from the listing in the base portion of game screen! Play now »