Umichan Maiko: Exhibit

Should you enjoy visual novels with unexpected narrative twists and animated manga porn scenes then this one will be for you! In this game you will meet with two girlfriends – Jeni and Maiko. They are extremely lovely women but they are impatient for cash a little bit more than for studying and knowledge. So rather than going to college they devote most part of their day in the local cafe where they want to find a little extra tip. And they’re planning to do this by projecting girl-girl romp shows for all of the visitors of the cafe! However, one day their scheme is all about to have ruined – Jeni’s brother decided to stop by the exact identical cafe now! Simply go through the narrative to learn how it may finish. If you enjoyed the manga porn scenes you may observe them individually from the story mode – simply find the view option in the home menu. Play now »