Bleach Christmas

Within this adult flash game, you may observe stellar Ichigo Kurosaki shagging that the lecherous and filthy doll Kuchiki Rukia. Ichigo is a schoolboy who, even from youth, has a supernatural ability to see ghosts, is even well familiar with a single ghost doll and brings blossoms to the place of her passing. However, he isn’t prone to mysticism, and although he reads horoscopeshe asserts he does not believe them. Rukia Kuchiki is a personality in the Bleach anime and manga created by Taito Kubo. Rukia is really a sinigami, a boxer in the afterlife, patrolling the world and protecting individuals from evil spirits. So Ichigo caught Rukia and starts to fuck her. Examine the game screen. Use the manage panel at the left of the screen to fuck Rukia lengthy and difficult. Fuck this huge-chested and hot Kuchiki Rukia at the moment. Play now »