Pixie Panic Garden

So in this game you may learn about a miss and her backyard. She desired to make a picnic there, yet one thing went wrong and now comes your way out to help the gardener. Lovely and full-bosomed blonde called Pixie gets her reasons. She receives higher fruits and veggies. However from the dark a misfortune happened Fruit squirrels, purple slugs, infiltrated her backyard. Will Pixie save gardens and plants? You would like to facilitate her accomplish this. Take a look at the game display. You wish to wreck all the slugs until the time runs out. You’ve got three minutes to attempt to do this. Catch the bullets. Generally slugs start pumping out gloppy spores. As soon as you kill the slugs, the game can progress to contemporary blood. The lots of amounts you accomplish, the lots of accomplishments you receive. Consequently, if you’re in a position to facilitate the pixies and destroy the slugs, take action instantaneously. Play now »