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Lost chapter of Naruto’s experiences that prooves once again that Tsunade and Naruto has a very special kind of relationship. Story starts with Shizune delivering Naruto a letter out of non other than Tsunade. What could be inside this letter? Probably nothing intriguing because Shizune was not granted any extra instrutions… or could this is part of conspiration? May be Tsunade is setting a secret meeting with Naruto someplace outside the Konoha village in some location where no one can see them and interrupt? Ofcourse the 2nd option would be an ideal for anime porn parody and guess what is this game IS anime porn parody! So get ready to witness Tsunade and Naruto are fucking in the forest just now they’ll switch their roles inside! Play now »

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In this interactive video game you will see Naruto and Hinata’s romantic life. Naruto Uzumaki, the boisterous and restless teenage ninja. Uzumaki Hinata-kunoichi and former heir to the Hyuga clan. Thus Naruto fucks the stunning and big-chested Hinata in the gym. His thick boner rips Hinata’s cock-squeezing cunt in half. However, Naruto keeps fucking Hinata, disregarding her cries and shrieks. Definitely, Hinata deserves such sensual punishment. Naruto continues to rape the young and huge-boobed beauty over and over again and again Hinata reaches multiple orgasms. Then it’s time for anal intercourse. Use your mouse to interact with all the interactive components. If you wish to see more, commence playing today. Play now »

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Interesting and depraved narrative woman Tsunade along with Naruto. Once inside the kitchen chick Tsunade prepares bacon and eggs for Naruto, oblivious that Naruto masturbates looking at her dull photos. Preparing the bacon Tsunade belongs to his room, and Naruto arrives to her. Finding Tsunade on the bed, Naruto starts to massage her huge breasts and play with her hot cunt. Tsunade is ready to debauch with Naruto. In all places bringing her to plentiful multiple orgasm Naruto fucks busty Tsunade. Use the mouse. Join a party that is lecherous with lecherous Naruto and hot Tsunade at the moment. Play now »